Monday, April 13, 2009

Director’s Cut – Four Law Firm Scenarios

The scenario planning workshop provided by Outward Insights and Ann Lee Gibson Consulting to senior marketers at the 2009 LMA annual meeting got strong interest and good reviews.

Given law firms' growing interest in scenario planning, I have posted on my Web site the four detailed possible futures we designed for use during the workshop.

Even if you aren’t ready to do full-on scenario planning, do yourself a favor and read these four possible futures in which your law firm might soon be operating. Some are outrageous, some are grim. Each might (or might not) come to pass.

Then consider:
  1. What actions and positions should your firm take today to succeed in each of these possible futures?
  2. Which actions / positions, taken now, would predicate your firm’s success in the majority of these scenarios?
  3. What early warnings would signal when / if each of these possible future were coming true?
  4. What other actions / positions should you take ASAP when it looks like one of these scenarios is coming true?
If this sounds like something you, your law firm, or its practice groups should learn more about, give me a call. I’ll point you to more resources and try to answer your questions.

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